It’s quite challenging to think of something to write about myself which will make me stand out. I’m not quirky or off-the-wall, I’m not loud or outrageous, and I don’t need to be the centre of attention – I will easily blend into your wedding day so that all attention is focused on you, where it belongs!

Meet Carol

I adore my two little boys, they’re bundles of energy and non-stop chatter.  I adore children and I also love to take their photos, especially at weddings when they are all dressed up in their wedding outfits and filled with excitement.

I love taking selfies, my phone is full of them!  Photos in front of buildings and landscapes, with my kids, and lots of photos of food!

I love to cook, my favourites are Italian meals, breads, party food and desserts.  I also love a Sunday roast!  I have a diploma in hotel management and spent quite a while in various kitchens and restaurants, where my passion for food started.

I would love to spend more time travelling, especially to explore the beautiful countries in Europe.  A wander through cobbled streets in Italy, taking in the beautiful buildings in France, exploring the coastal areas of Crotia – so many places to visit!

I only photograph weddings (and a few family photoshoots in-between my busy wedding schedule).  I am very focused on this one area of photography as its taken me a long time to learn the skills I have, both on the day and afterwards processing the images.

I’m friendly and approachable, and very flexible, I’ll fit around your wedding day and tailor my packages and coverage to suit your wedding.  After all, every wedding is unique!

If you’re looking for an informal wedding photographer then please get in touch for a chat, I would love to hear from you.  I photograph weddings throughout the UK but mainly weddings in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.  I also provide wedding photography in London – so many exciting and wonderful wedding venues.